State of the Union

edmonton spaces - photo by art by pekoePhoto by Art by Pekoe

I interrupt this week to update you on what’s been happening behind the scenes at Edmonton Spaces:

  • A lot of people have subscribed to the mailing list, thank you so much, I’m so overwhelmed with the response and love I’ve been getting. I’m going to start sending out monthly emails that show an overview of what you missed for the month and some “outtakes” or photos I really loved but couldn’t include. So make sure if you’re not on the list, you subscribe!
  • Upcoming spaces that will be featured over the next coming months include: Art by Pekoe, DIALOG, Ignite Edmonton Festival, Of Mountains and Mangoes and other secrets that are still in the works. I recently got a chance to discover the old Fanny’s Fabrics space in the underground mall Edmonton once had! How rad is that!? Okay, it was semi-creepy I’ll admit.
  • I’ve been getting tons of emails with suggested offices and creative spaces I should check out, how do I decide who’s going to be featured? Well, it helps if you’re downtown (I work downtown and like swinging by places at lunch), if you bribe me with branded swag (I’m just being honest!), or if you tweet me to remind me! Disclaimer though: I am super busy with work and my personal life so if I don’t get back to you right away, sorry!
  • What else? Oh yeah, so I attended the Lift Interactive Open House and the Ignite Edmonton Festival (which was designed flawlessly, so amazing!), if you have an open house or a really cool designed event coming up, shoot me some info.

mkbaba-9360Frank, the resident dog of Vacancy Hall. (He is Kyle’s from Clo’s Customs.)

That’s all I have to say this week. Come back next Thursday, there will be another amazing Edmonton space for you to feast your eyes upon!


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