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redtheagency-0014RED The Agency is a pretty unique office space – It’s actually three residential units combined into one large office. People refer to it as “The RED House” apparently (so said Associate Creative Director/Senior Writer, all around funny/weird dude, Jon) and everyone knows where it is. I had been in RED before but never upstairs, or downstairs (… or anywhere besides the main reception area and the boardroom), so I was excited when RED’s Associate Creative Director, Nigel, allowed me to stop by again for a visit.

Read my interview with Nigel and Jon after the photos.

RED the Agency Reception Area









Tell me a little bit about RED The Agency.

We’re a full service marketing agency – advertising, design, marketing, strategy. We’ve been in this space since 2001, it’s changed and shifted over time. There’s 3 units, we started off in what was a garage space in the basement and it’s been growing ever since then. This office actually used to be someone’s bedroom.

Do you prefer to working in a place like this over a bullpen or open office space?

Whatever we can do to make it not feel like some sort of corporate environment, the better. It’s got a homey feel to it, it’s not like going into the office in the morning, it’s like going from my house to this house, which can be a little weird sometimes. But it’s nice to get away from people when we need to, we can go into this office and shut the door and block out the world. At a lot of open concept work places I don’t think there’s enough opportunities to break off and have your own space.

I notice there’s fun stuff around the office like the record player, the beer tap, the bottles of alcohol, why is, I guess, being able to have fun an important part of the culture?

We bleed, sweat and cry for the work we do. When 4:30 on a Friday afternoon comes around, we like to take a moment and chill out with each other, take a step back and pause. You spend 40-50 hours at work and that’s a lot of time. It can’t all be at a desk or a whiteboard, there has to be that social element. You might as well enjoy everything that’s around you. It just feels a little bit more like home.

Do you think you’ll be here for a while?

I don’t see us moving any time soon. It’s a weird space and there is some disjointedness because of that. But it’s home. As long as I’ve been in the industry, working at different agencies, you always know where the RED House is. Ever since I’ve been in the industry I’ve always know where this place is, there’s something to that.


Thanks to Nigel and Jon for being great hosts, and really entertaining ones! You can learn more about RED The Agency over at their website.

Next week Thursday I have a favor to ask of you. So come back then and help me out.


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