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MK Baba is part of the Vacancy Hall family. Tucked away in a corner spot, MK Baba is anything but hard to miss. While wandering Vacancy one afternoon I came across Chad Baba, owner, designer and artist, working away in his shop. He was surrounded in really strange items but also really fantastic pieces. I could have probably stood in his shop all day and stared at every single thing, it was full of treasures and long forgotten pieces of Edmonton’s past.

Thankfully, Chad allowed me to stop by for an official “Edmonton Spaces visit”. He has settled into two bays in Vacancy Hall, one bay is his workshop and the other is a display/showroom of his art. These photos are from the day when he started the move. Read my interview with Chad after the photos, trust me, it was super difficult to not include ALL the photos I wanted to.















How long have you been in Vacancy Hall?

I’ve been here for 6 months now. Vacancy Hall was economical, I had the ability to afford the space. My target market visits this building, so I found it really important to be in the Mercer Warehouse. I love the community atmosphere here.

So when I first came down to your space today, there was stuff all over the place. What’s going on?

We have a very exciting time ahead of us. We’ve just partnered up with Gabriel Mantle, the drummer for Gob. So we’re expanding the business, we now have a showroom and we’re setting up a workshop right now too. Everything is under construction, hopefully it will be done by today’s end.

What are your plans for the existing working studio space?

Within the work space we’re displaying all the building materials off chains hanging from the ceiling. For starters, it’s an easy way for me to visualize the pieces I can utilize in my builds and secondly it has a very nice aesthetic appeal to it.

Why do you like working with the materials that you do, like the metal and rusted copper, etc.?

I like showcasing what mother nature does taking back the items we’ve actually mined out of her to begin with.

How long have you been doing this for?

I built my first lamp at 17. When I was about 25 working in the lower east side of Vancouver I needed a reason to de-stress so I just started building things with found objects. I came out here and worked blue collar jobs until I got injured. For the last year and a half I’ve been doing this full time.

Why is it important for creative people to design their space as needed without restrictions from others?

I can’t speak for other creative people, but for myself, organization is always a little bit of a struggle. I need to organize things to be really visual, it’s a lot easier for me to identify what I’m doing and the trajectory of the project.


Chad is a huge supporter of people following their passions and is someone who’s motivation and creativity is contagious. Check out the MK Baba website or visit the Facebook Page. MK Baba’s showroom and working studio is available to visit in Vacancy Hall. I’ll definitely be updating Edmonton Spaces with photos of the new area!

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Next Thursday I have one of two things I’m planning on posting, I just haven’t decided which yet… So just consider it a surprise and come back soon!

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