Glossie is a custom wedding invitation and freelance graphic design company based in Edmonton. Nicole Bolton, designer and owner, is one BUSY woman (she’s already booking orders into the next year!) but I got a chance to stop by her new office space in Birks Building on Jasper Avenue and 104 Street. Read my interview with Nicole after the photos!




How is sharing this space with photographer Kristin Zabos?

Awesome, Kristin is the best. She’s the one who found the space. We thought it’d be a good partnership because we’re both in the same industry and our clients are looking for both services, photography and invitations. It works out great for both of us.

The space was set up for me, as it was Kristin’s space. She decided on the furniture and the wall of frames. It’s definitely what I would do anyways, it’s a comfortable space and it works well for my presentation to my clients.

Where were you before Birks Building?

I was in Unit B, just a block down the street, that was a great space. I shared it with a lot of different people. But this office works much better for me because I’m on the 2nd floor and there’s a great window which lets in a lot of sunlight.

Before Unit B, did you work out of your home?

I do have a home office where I work from, I just use this space for meetings. I didn’t ever meet clients out of my home, I used to meet clients at coffee shops. That was fine until you couldn’t find a seat anymore, the tables are very small, you have to keep buying drinks everyday, it got to be expensive and not convenient. It’s also tough to find people there too, you schedule a meeting with someone, you show up and you’re not sure who your client is. It’s nice to have a set space where I meet people.

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Visit next Thursday for a peek into the amazing area Berlin Advertising + Public Relations currently has (they’re expanding and moving!).

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