After walking by the door to Berlin Ad/PR‘s office for 8 months, I finally got to see inside! Berlin is located in the Mercer Warehouse and will be moving over to part of the former EDAC space and expanding! There’s a lot of new exciting things happening to Berlin so I was pretty stoked when I got to tour their space.

Thanks to Justin Archer, Berlin’s Director, for setting it up and to Public Relations Coordinator, Lynda Vang, for being my tour guide. Check out my interview with Lynda after the photos.

Side note: It was really tough setting up this post as there were a lot of small details I wanted to include, but didn’t want to overwhelm you with Berlin photos.








berlinyegspaces-9308“Our space is really bits and pieces of who we are and who we are as a team.”





What was important about having a space that promoted creativity?

I feel like we are all kind of weird, a space that is weird and eccentric works for us. We have a lot of Post-It Notes of things that we say, that wall is very Berlin. The space is just a reflection of who we are as individuals and as a team.

Why do you think it’s important for employees to be able to decorate their space the way they want?

In our industry it’s important to maintain a sense of expression and it’s important to keep that creative channel open. I’m lucky that I’m able to come and express myself how I want via the clothes I wear or how I utilize my space. It’s very important to nurture that creativity. That’s one of the reasons why I came into this industry.

Where were you working before?


What do you find the differences are between the government space and here?

In a government space it’s very “This is where your office is going to be” and it’s all kind of laid out for you. It’s structured and very much the same thing all over. Here, anything can happen, we have lockers, we have balloons, we have bubbles. It’s a fun place, it’s important to have a sense of fun at your workplace. We’re not super structured like the government. It reflects who we are.

Do you think a space like this would make someone want to stay longer at a company? Does it have a reflection on the owners of a company?

Of course, they’re the ones who allow us to do this kind of stuff. As our company changes, the space will reflect that change. We’ll soon be moving into our second office, which will be bigger, and we’re more cognitive of the design of it. We’re starting with a blank slate, this space was more like it already existed and we just added to it. Our second space, again, will be a reflection of who we are as a company, we’ve talked about it and it’s still going to have really neat things.

For example?

We’ll have clear walls so we can see each other, we’re very much a collaborative team. We like talking to each other also, just as people, not only as co-workers.

What do your clients think of your office?

They think it’s really cool. We show them around and they love it. It’s a good reflection of who we are as a company and it’s great for our clients to see as well.


I’m definitely heading back to Berlin to photograph their new space, which should be ready in October. Visit their website to learn more about the company.

Next Thursday I’ll be showing off Clo’s Customs, a rad custom leather shop in Vacancy Hall. See you then!

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