Edmonton is home to really great companies, freelancers and unique individuals. The creative scene in Edmonton is thriving and I want to visually record these spaces by photographing them.

beverley-jackmanHi, my name is Beverley Theresa and I started Edmonton Spaces! The project was created to catalog and record awesome office spaces and creative studios in Edmonton, Alberta, Canada. Inspired by Tech Crunch Cribs, I wanted to do something local and expose those not used to non-typical/non-traditional work spaces how fun and interesting a work area can actually be.

I need to be constantly creating things and practicing what I’ve learned. Edmonton Spaces is the outlet for this. From photography, writing, interviewing and design, this is the perfect project for me to build on these skills.

If you want to find out more about me, visit my website at hellobeverley.com.

If you know of a rad space that needs to be featured, get in touch!


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